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What is groupage?

Instead of transporting your household goods separately in a 'dedicated' container, at Putters International, you can choose to consolidate them with shipments from others in a shared container heading to the same destination. This approach allows us to offer you a much better price for your shipment.

What are the benefits of groupage?

In addition to the significant cost savings because you only pay for the portion of the container you actually fill with your shipment, there are two other advantages to groupage:

  • Containers with business shipments often receive priority over containers with personal belongings, ensuring faster processing.
  • Better-filled containers mean fewer containers to transport, reducing the environmental impact. Therefore, groupage is also a more sustainable choice.

Putters International maintains an excellent network to ensure the regularity of departures. If you want to know more about the frequency to your destination, please don't hesitate to contact us.

These are the destinations for which Putters International provides groupage services:

  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Suriname
  • Philippines
  • Dutch Antilles (CuraƧao, Aruba, Bonaire)
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • United States
  • India
  • UAE (Dubai)

Putters International regularly develops new groupage destinations. Follow us and stay informed about all our new groupage destinations.

Why choose Putters?

Putters offers competitive prices by focusing on customer expectations, which is why we are the best choice. Our extensive team of experienced professionals is available throughout the entire moving process for door-to-door moves, regardless of the country of origin or destination, including:

  • Flexible, tailor-made, and all-inclusive door-to-door services through sea, air, or road transport.
  • Consultation and advice on customs and export or import procedures that vary from country to country.
  • All-risk insurance through reliable European insurers.
  • Vehicle transportation with advice on vehicle specifications and import restrictions.
  • High-quality service based on personalized and specific transport solutions or more cost-effective solutions based on consolidated sea or road transport.
  • Storage services for permanent or temporary storage.
  • Various additional moving-related services such as handyman services, third-party assistance for specialized items like artworks or objects requiring specialized attention, including pianos and safes, assistance with pet transportation, assistance with VAT refunds, and more.

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Your moving checklist for your new home

When you're moving, there are many things to consider.
We're here to provide you with a helpful reminder to make your move easier:

 12-10 weeks before the move

  • Decide which items you want to take with you and which ones you don't. Do this in two steps if necessary.
  • Store your contracts, documents, to-do lists, and other moving-related items in one place.
  • Inform your friends and colleagues about your upcoming move.
  • Contact schools and sports clubs.
  • Reach out to your doctor and dentist for your medical records.
  • Get in touch with your landlord and inform them of your departure.
  • Notify companies with monthly payment obligations.
  • Inform your employer(s).

 10-8 weeks before the move

  • Contact a moving company for a pre-move or virtual survey to receive a moving quote.
  • Note down all your questions for the moving company.
  • Decide whether you're taking certain items with you or not.
  • Check for prohibited items or items with restrictions.

 6-4 weeks before the move

  • Confirm the moving dates with the movers.
  • Confirm the insurance with the movers.
  • Start packing non-essential items.
  • Make a list of items you will move yourself
  • Request moving boxes if needed.

 4-2 weeks before the move

  • Begin the necessary paperwork for the move.
  • Notify the post office of your change of address.
  • Get rid of any unnecessary items.

 3-1 days before the move

  • Prepare a suitcase with essential items.
  • Disconnect all non-essential appliances.
  • Gather all items you will personally transport to a room inaccessible to the movers.
  • Safely store all important documents, such as passports, flight tickets, etc.

 1 day before the move

  • Enjoy a good night's sleep and be ready for the movers.

 Moving day

  • Be present when the movers arrive.
  • Walk through the house at the start of the moving day with the head of the moving crew.
  • Ensure the attic, basement, garage, and garden shed are cleared out.
  • Walk through the house at the end of the moving day with the head of the moving crew.