Although we take as much care as possible with your belongings, accidents can still happen, so it is of utmost importance that removal goods are covered by insurance in the event of something going wrong. Putters international provides insurance that covers for almost any potential situation.

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Household removals go along with small domestic jobs that need to be done such as hanging of paintings, lamps, chandeliers, curtain rods, or (dis)connecting electric appliances. We will be happy to make the arrangements via our handyman partners.

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Pet transport

In the event you plan to move your pet as well we strongly recommend to start the planning of this transportation long ahead. If you envisage to have the pet shipment included in the overall removal package, feel free to contact us. We have the experience and the know how to move your pet safe and sound, treated as if it were our own child.

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We have the skills and passion to get the job done!

Our services cater for international companies relocating their assignees abroad, as well as diplomatic staff, and private moving and relocation.

Corporate move

Putters International has been specializing in international removals for expatriates and employees from all over the world since 1923.

Private move

For years, you've been able to turn to us as a private customer for your emigration or removal anywhere in the world.

Diplomatic move

At Putters International, we have extensive experience in moving diplomats worldwide.


Putters International can reduce the cost of your move by consolidating various shipments in a container.

Move management

Putters International provides door-to-door global-scale moving services. We offer consistent quality service and manage the entire process worldwide.

Moves within Belgium

Putters also offers comprehensive moving services for domestic removals within Belgium, ensuring a smooth service.